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Viewing Single Post From: DAYS: Thursday Oct. 17th - Give DAYS the emmy!
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I hate being a day behind (I tape the late-night on SoapNet)!

Another beautiful episode. I guess the strong point of this writer is sorrow, because...damn.

Attention to detail (even the people who were basically extras were in the moment in character!), focus on family and connections between characters we know, genuine emotion- it was all there. I can't agree that this is the best episode of Days I've seen, but it's the best sad episode I've seen.

Favorite Moments:

When they respected the intelligence of the viewer and had Victor come in without someone whispering the history between him and John. And the look on Belle's face when he was talking- the anger & the grief all at once.

Once again, the shift in Deidre Hall's face in a single moment to that glare at the end. I finally get her.

Hope breaking down. Alfonso was amazing when Zach died, but holy crap was she beyond that today.

And I fucking love Anna. Her remark to Stefano, her speech- which could've come off as random and as her eating airtime but totally didn't. I need her on more. She even makes me like Penghlis.

Now that I know they can do this if they want to, I'm going to expect it from them more often.
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