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On point once again.

Because I like to respond and I'm...wordy...

I agree with you about Morgan. That actress gave that character promise, imho, and I'm already rooting for her. Which kind of sucks, because it means I'm invested in that part of the show when I haven't been because Chelsea and Stephanie don't draw me in, even though I like the actress who plays Chelsea. And I agree about the line of the week- that was a sweet line.

I'm not going to lie and say I'm sad that John's gone- I didn't like the actor and I never believed in the character- but I felt this death. Watching all these characters cry and give eulogies made me remember that I kind of am attached to them, even when I think the show is shit. I felt for them, I felt the acting- even when it felt like acting and not something natural, if that makes sense, I still felt it.

And part of it is that it's so odd to see Salemites grieving. All of them.

Something just hit me- these past few days weren't Days to me. I came on in the 90s, and Days has always strived for that same campy, fun, ridiculousness, and John epitomized that. I wonder if by killing John- the Superman, the Eyebrow, the man with 70 pasts- the show is making a statement. That it actually is a turning point, even though I think he'll be back at some point. Maybe that's why it got to me, too. It really could be a moment of transformation for Days from one kind of show to another. Besides Stefano, who has been reduced by the Santo/Colleen stuff to a pathetic jackass, nobody on the show really represents that era, that style, as much as John. And for now? Dead.

I wonder what would have happened had they killed John & pulled off this stuff instead of coma-fying him. Would viewers have been more willing to sit through the crap they threw out over the summer?

Finally, like you I can't wait to see where this takes people. It's shot Marlena and Belle off into unknown directions, and I want to know where they go. But I still have that skeptic and hope to the gods they don't screw this up. Crashing down from such a high would really, really suck.
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