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Steve Frame
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It is only members of the union that have to strike. Any writer who is not a member of the union can write for the shows. That may even be a romance novelist who is most likely not a member of the WGA. So it doesn't mean that the scab writers will not be writers. They will most likely be - just out of work inexperienced writers.

JSF, the not crossing picket lines is something that goes back to the early days of unions. It was a sign of respect that when workers were on strike you didn't cross their picket line as a means of support for what they were fighting for. Members of other unions especially would be sympathetic. I have never heard of an actor not crossing the picket line, but I am sure there are some who possibly won't.

There was an episode of The Nanny where some people were picketing outside Maxwell's theater and Fran refused to cross the picket line which made Maxwell mad at her. Fran's family just never believed in crossing a picket line, and there are many out there that won't.
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