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Lynn Marie Latham is officially the dumbest person alive! Here you have the typical soap stunt, but with a larger budget than most, and the idiot still screwed it up! WTF?!

Explain to me why the fuck you'd rent out a new studio, build huge new sets, etc. only to blow it up BEFORE the big gala event? Who cares about a couple contruction workers getting blown up?! I care as much as I care about Clear Springs (not much).

Here is our cast of characters in danger: Jack, Sharon, Nick, Victoria, Adrian, JT, Nikki, David, Paul, Maggie, Lauren, Katherine, Cane, Amber and Queen!Noah.

Is it just me or is that the most bizarrely random and dull group they could've come up with? They should've gotten everyone dressed to the nines at the huge opening party, THEN blown it up! It should've been a major turning point in the storylines that have been featured in recent months. They should've played up the sabotage (if that's the cause) and the connection to Nick's plane crash. Instead Clear Springs is the central focus, not the characters or storylines that have been playing out for the past few months.

One interesting trapped pairing that was missed is Jack and Gloria. Maybe he could find out the truth about the skin cream (never gonna happen), go to confront GloBag and then everything explodes, trapping them together.

I also have to wonder if anyone will die, as the promos suggest, or will this be a cop out? Of the characters in peril, I can't see LML killing any off. Just as I suspected, a cheap stunt which will no doubt boost ratings and secure a second Emmy win for LML and her team of hacks.
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