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Mary excellent recap of this extraordinary week in Salem.

I cried myself and I thought I was long over my Jarlena love. But the wonderful writing and acting got me. I have always noted that though I found him charismatic, DHe was not an exceptionally strong actor. But he played his heart out in these scenes. And Dee stepped up as I have not seen her do in quite a while.

As you noted the biggest sour note of the whole week was St. Sami and Hero Lucas. The pair being portrayed as such is totally unbelievable and just wrong. They stunk up what were some of the best and most emotional scenes I have watched on a soap in over a year. To borrow from HS...as Sami said to EJ "this in not about you EJ..." well this should NOT have been about Lumi at all. Blech!

And, much as I love EJ, despite what he does, I so wish the writer had refrained from inserting him into some of the scenes.

I will note that if the show once again resurrects John and does a "gotcha" on the viewers, I feel the manipulated viewers may revolt. And I say this not because John would not be wanted but because a show that wrings extreme grief from its audience, only to cite how clever they were in fooling said audience , is not a good thing.
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