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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Oct 20 2007, 12:32 PM
Oct 20 2007, 11:58 AM
Uncle Jonny
Oct 18 2007, 12:02 PM
Oct 17 2007, 11:50 PM
Mason AKA Hogan
Oct 17 2007, 10:09 PM
Eh, it's their loss too. They don't know what they're missing!

Well since this all feels like a deja vu from the time when ratings went south what with John getting hurt and disappearing from our screens and with Sami being forced to do something with EJ causing problems for her relationship with Lucas I think anyone who was watching last winter but tuned out has a pretty good idea what they are missing since it already happened. :lol:

^^ You're right to identify the parallels. However, there are some major differences between now and then. The largest being that the stakes are actually important today. Back then, it was just plot plot plot and now it is emotionally-charged, compelling story being told. Second, the supporting cast of characters is on their game, unlike back then when everyone was on auto-pilot. Third, production values have improved to the point where it seems like we're watching cinema when back then an episode of Mighty Morph'n Power Rangers had better production quality.

To say the show is the same is crazy-talk. The show is taking risks and rising to the challenges that its faced with (elimination from all existence). And if nothing else, they are producing the best acted, writen, directed, plotted, and fundamentally compelling version of Days of our Lives in well over 20 years, maybe ever.

There is nothing fundamentally compelling about DAYS right now. In fact everything done is simply PLOT plot PLOT. If this show was trying to deliver emotional drama then the stupid vendetta would not revolve around 3 characters. Everything that happens with the show would not occur just to put Sami and EJ together. EJ would have nothing to do with John's funeral. The episodes revolving John's death would dedicated only (J U S T O N C E) around the veteran cast ONLY and not include any of the dumb fucking young cast that has taken over this fucking show. Other soaps can do it. Apparently DAYS-- with its shit in the toilet ratings can not.

Did you even watch?!

Seriously, because nothing of what you said even happened during John's funeral.

I watched every day last week and I don't think there's any reason to question the seriousness of what Ridge said. I couldn't agree with him more that this show is WAYYYYYYYYY too plot-driven and the vendetta storyline was way too focused on just EJ/Sami/Lucas for far too long.

I agree with Ridge that EJ should have had nothing to do with John's funeral, yet for some inexplicable reason they gave us a scene during the funeral episode where EJ implausibly showed up at the Brady Pub like a dumbass just so Lucas could punch him and feel like a man. There was no reason for that scene. They didn't have to tell us the day shouldn't have been about Sami and her showing up at all to say that made it about Sami more than if she just hadn't said anything about that or they hadn't included any Ejamicas drama at all. The punch didn't advance the story as we'd seen this crap a billion times before. EJ didn't try to kill John as far as we know so there was no reason for there to be a comeuppance in that way, and even if there was it's not like EJ getting punched balances out John dying so what's the point? The sucker punch just shouldn't have happened there, the same way they shouldn't have included the pissing contest over Sami between EJ and Lucas at the hospital in the midst of John's final moments alive and everyone's grief over that. And even though I didn't mind it, there was some sorority drama and Max and Morgan's date during the John's death episodes so Ridge does have a legitimate beef if he thinks those characters did not belong in the John's death episodes.

I am however sick of the notion that this show is in the toilet because of everything the writers are doing to try to put EJ and Sami together and somehow Lucas gets a free pass from this mess. Even if EJ does get more screentime because he's a more interesting character, I don't see this as the show doing everything to put EJ and Sami together despite whatever spoilers may be out there about the babies now. This is Lumi's shitty story with EJ and Kate as angst props for them and its Hogan's misguided notion that these Lucas and Sami are twu wuv 4 ever superdupersupercouple material whose problems need to be shoved down our throat day after day that has everything so fucking fucked. IMO.
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