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Oct 20 2007, 01:06 PM
I am however sick of the notion that this show is in the toilet because of everything the writers are doing to try to put EJ and Sami together and somehow Lucas gets a free pass from this mess. Even if EJ does get more screentime because he's a more interesting character, I don't see this as the show doing everything to put EJ and Sami together despite whatever spoilers may be out there about the babies now. This is Lumi's shitty story with EJ and Kate as angst props for them and its Hogan's misguided notion that these Lucas and Sami are twu wuv 4 ever superdupersupercouple material whose problems need to be shoved down our throat day after day that has everything so fucking fucked. IMO.

IA with you on that, and apologize for that too. I love EJ and Sami and think they are by far a more compelling couple than Lumi ever could be. Lumi's foundation came out of convenience, they both wanted their sibling's lovers. That's it. With Ej and Sami there was something much more complex and both characters had, and still do have, amazing chemistry. But IMO the show has ruined it, not only with the repetitive airtime but the stupid vendetta SL. Soaps come across characters that click all the time yet you don't see them retracking history to put them together. Look at Maxie and her bf, the chemistry that they shared during the shoot out SL led the show to make him a major character and bring them together. He didn't end up being her lover from 1000 years ago, or Felicia's long lost nephew. The whole contrived twist made me like Ejami much less. DAYS, according to many people, has been trying to go back to roots and keep traditional ideals alive, but this throwback to history has been so faux if not stupid.
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