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Oct 20 2007, 07:27 AM
I just got the chance to watch my tape.

I'm about twenty minutes into it, and Deidre absolutely ripped my heart out in the scene where she returns home! Oh my God, I was expecting it to be sad. You know, a few tears down the cheek, sad music playing over the scene, then cut to the next thing.

But no.

It was so much more!

It wasn't rushed. Marlena eased her way into the room...slowly. She looked around... slowly. She sat down... slowly. Then all at once, she bursts into tears and begins rocking back and forth (in slow motion) as she holds John's coat close to her chest and cries with the most heartbreaking sound of emotional deflation.

I couldn't believe how simplistic and powerful it was! Less is SO much more. Compared to the camp of James E. Reilly, this is like Shakespeare!

Meanwhile, I haven't finished the tape yet, so I'll go watch the rest. I just had to comment on this, immediately!

Those scenes were like watching a movie to me. NOTHING like "daytime." They were very well written and executed.
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