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Oct 20 2007, 04:30 PM
Here is how I feel as a J&M fan... and this is hard for me to say lol. If they aren't going to bring Drake back as John Black then I preferr the death was REAL. Only because if they bring him back as someone else... and Marlena falls in love with him... that would be a slap in the face to THIS J&M fan. I mean... what, she is going to fall in love with a guy because he LOOKS like John? What would that say to the element of J&M being soulmates, like many of their fans think they are?

And him coming back as the REAL Roman... ugh I am tired of musical Roman's. I guess it might be interesting to see how they tried to make it plausable, but I am afraid if they tried they would fuck it up.

So for me if Drake came back I would want it to be as John Black... not his evil twin... or long lost cousin... or an oddly similar looking stranger.

I always thought it would be interesting for him to come back and have his memory wiped out again... and Marlena would have to work with him to remember their love... and in the process they could get him to remember all the stuff that we never figured out in the first palce. Like who his father was and where he was all those missing years.

And if there was a just and loving soap god they would figure out (somehow) that J&M were eachothers first loves, from when they were younger. If Marlena could forget that she was married to ALex North... then she could have totally forgotten meeting and being in love beofre that ;)

Tammy, my DREAM story wouldn't involve Marlena falling in love with a John look-alike (Jonah Everest) because he looks like John; no, she's off on a seminar ACROSS THE COUNTRY from Salem, meets Jonah Everest, who's staying at the same hotel. Jonah thinks she's hot (we can tell by his facial expressions) and despite hearing her go on and on about how John came back to her, he goes with it. (He's a devil, I tell ya!)

They make love. While she's sleeping he goes on the Internet, searches John Black (of course there are newspaper articles about the possession and other events of his life) and when Marlena wakes up and they have their heart-to-heart about what happened, he says it was a setup to end the vendetta and get Sami to marry EJ (he finds out about Sami's marrying EJ just because of ending the Vendetta from a gossip column in the newspaper).

She's just overjoyed to have her husband back.

Of course, they return home to Salem. Everyone's in SHOCK.

But as time wears on, Belle and Sami get suspicious because he lacks the memories he CAN'T search on the Internet.

Sami, in her role as town savior, digs up John's grave once and for all (of course with her babies strapped on her back the whole time), finds the TRUE John Black still in the coffin, and outs Jonah.

It's win-win. J&M fans get Drake/Dee chemistry and an intriguing story for one year, and then, for the cliffhanger before the show moves to the Oxygen network (;)), Sami bursts into the church to out Jonah, as "John" and Marlena are about renew their vows. Then, on Oxygen, Deidre gives ANOTHER Emmy-worthy performance when she breaks down after realizing her beloved John is really gone.

Hell, that can bring ANOTHER story arc where Marlena goes crazy (keep our girl on the front burner), and then see how she deals with death as a joke all these decades.

Personally, I hope Hogan reads THIS and runs with it.
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