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Didn't expect it to hit me, but John's death did. I have never been a huge John Black fan, but this week was some of the best and most emotional stuff I have seen in a long time on Days. Martha's performances were fantastic (although based on spoilers I don't think after next week I will recognize the character anymore). I have always felt that she was a great actress but was never given the material to show her talents. The entire cast brought their A-games this week and as I fan I thank them.

What I was glad was that the producers didn't chop up the funeral. Seems like Friday's show was a past together of things that ran over from Thursday with new things that were originally going to air on Friday. Now what I will be really upset is if down the line we find out this is a hoax and John will show up alive. Again not that I want him dead, but it would completely devalue the show more than it all ready is if they turn this into a hoax to keep John Black around. No one ever really dies in Salem but I think this is one time that this isn't true in order to bring some credit back to this show.

If this turns into a "gotcha" and we come to find out John is alive, it will be just another slap in the face of viewers. I already feel that I have been smacked in the face a billion times yet continue to come in for more. What I saw this week was good storytelling....and not trying to kiss up to fanbases to make them happy. But reading next week's spoilers makes me feel like the butt kissing will continue again next week instead of the character driven good story writing we had this week. :(
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