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Lynda Hirsch on Soaps -- Q&A

Q: I understand a character named Bonnie McKechnie is returning to "As the World Turns." I started watching the show in 2006 and have never heard of her. Who is she? Lakisha in New Philadelphia, Ohio

A: Bonnie is the daughter of Jessica Griffin and Duncan McKechnie. As a youngster, Bonnie went to live with her dad in Scotland. Bonnie was spoiled and lived life in the fast lane. Her fiance in Scotland, Ian the Duke of Glasgow followed her to Oakdale. Initially, Bonnie did not wanting anything to do with him, since the reason she left Scotland was because she found him with another woman. She soon started to consider his pleas for forgiveness, however.

Making things difficult were Bonnie's growing feelings for Isaac. Though Isaac confessed his love, she didn't see it as sincere and accepting Ian's marriage proposal. She later learned the Duke was a fraud and the real heir to the title was Bonnie herself. Shocked, Bonnie accepted the title of Duchess of Glasgow. She pledged her love for Isaac and admitted that her marriage wasn't legal, as she had hired a fake minister. Ben and Isaac left Oakdale.

Chauntee Schuler takes on the part of Bonnie on Nov. 5.

Q: I literally stumbled across "Passions" on DirecTV. I am hooked. I am especially pleased that several characters are over the age of 40. I am intrigued by Pilar. Can you tell me about her background? Inez in Washington, D.C.

A: Pilar Lopez Fitzgerald really is the pillar of strength on the show. She was born in Mexico, but she moved to Harmony in her 20s with husband Martin Fitzgerald. She got a job working for the wealthy Winthrop family, becoming Ivy's personal maid when Ivy was a child.
When Ivy wed Julian, Pilar went with her to the Crane household.

Martin disappeared shortly after Pilar gave birth to their youngest daughter, Paloma, leaving her with five children between infant and age 10.

When the family was tossed off the Crane property, Pilar took two jobs. Martin then returned to town. Pilar was thrilled, but upset to learn of Martin's many-year affair with Katherine Crane, who he had been forced to flee with after Alistair threatened to kill his entire family.

Martin and Pilar decided to remarry. Pilar discovered Martin and Katherine together just hours before the ceremony and told Martin to get out of her life.

Q: Charlie Brent is coming back to "All My Children." What has the character been doing since he left town? Ami in Charlotte, N.C.

A: Philip Charles Tyler was born to Tara and Chuck Tyler in 1972. Chuck Tyler, however, was not the boy's biological father. Philip Brent, Tara's true love, was the child's father.

While Tara was in the early stages of her pregnancy, Philip Brent went missing and was presumed dead while away at war in Vietnam. Chuck Tyler, who had always loved Tara, wanted to take care of her and insisted they be married. He raised the boy as his own son. A very-much-alive Phil returned several years later, causing Tara to be torn between her true love and her husband.

In 1979, Charlie found out that Phil Brent was his real father, and he finally began to accept him, though he still loved Chuck. Later, Phil was killed in a secret government mission. Tara ended up marrying Jim Jefferson, and the three moved to Portland.

Charlie returned in 1991, played by Chris Lawford. Charlie left town in 1996 with his new wife, Cecily. Having moved to California, Charlie and Cecily became parents of a girl. Charlie returns this month, played by Brian Kerwin.

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