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You know what I think my favorite part was?

Vivian's acknowledgment and how Bo and Hope actually had to question who set up the arrangement in the church. It's the simple things like that... just made me sit back in awe. Yes, both John and Marlena were well-off, but John was well-off due to his portion of the Alamain fortune, historically, so I thought it was very appropriate.

And all the damn eulogies. How many people have that many people speak on their behalf at a funeral?

I loved how the Roman history was referenced, even though it was Josh and his deliver wasn't stellar. I wish they could have given us a glimpse of Real Roman's return, even if they didn't actually show Wayne. They could have used angles that featured John, or Marlena. But we can;t have everything. Anna talking about Carrie... what a tribute to John's time as Roman. And Sami, too, finally giving John the respect he deserved from her childhood years.

Victor's entrance is the stuff movies are made of. Seriously. John A.'s presence has been seriously missed, and Victor was in rare form. I love how he didn't even have to mention Isabella. It's a bit of history that's been used so recently. Talking about the situation with Claire almost made me laugh, because so many said has John been awake, none of it ever would have happened. Well, someone's reading the damn boards! LoL. I love, love, loved how it appears that John's death has brought some kind of understanding between Shawn and Victor. Such great character growth with one simple gesture. I want to see Victor get involved in this vendetta and go toe to toe with Stefano! Sigh. Boy's can dream.

Stefano's entrance was right on cue. Marlena's shift was perfect. With all the show's imperfections right now, this SL is worthy of praise. Let's see how long it lasts.
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