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Naughty Eskimo
Oct 20 2007, 10:04 PM
Oct 20 2007, 07:47 PM

Thaao just said the fencing scenes were like "MASTURBATION." I can't believe he said it! :o

Does Dee have a REALLY bad short-term memory? Because Marls did NOT kill Tony (really Andre) on screen FIRST!!

MacDonald Carey sounds SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute from Drake! He actually "meant" 'How're you doing" AND chatted with Drake about it the dressing room?! Shocker!!!:O

Oh, LOVE that woman who asked if "Days" would ever be filmed in Australia. Go back to the EIGHTIES, honey!

"Sami was the sister I always" wanted... are you KIDDING me?! The one who would have drugged your boyfriend and FUCKED him?! Psycho!

Deidre's short term memory is legendary. God, it's really, really remarkable how bad it is. She remembers important things of course, but dialouge and stuff, she's just... it's adorable though.

Andre/Tony was the first person Marlena killed onscreen though. We didn't see her "kill" Jack, Abe, Maggie, Caroline, Cassie or Roman. We only saw her "kill" Tony, Doug and Alice.

I found Thaao's comments to be crude and unnecessary. You can see both Deidre and Drake cringe and Drake covers his face with his hand.

Well, I guess that's true about her (on screen) killing Thaao first.

I wonder if my hunch is right and Thaao in real life is a perv. Not the illegal kind, you know, but just a real sex addict who takes these pilgrimages he talks about and has orgies every day. And then back at home, his bedroom has a revolving door! :o

I mean, I have to believe that after having heard the "masturbation" comment.
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