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Steve Frame
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I agree Roger. For awhile there Y&R even got too much about Amber and away from the right characters for me. Latham has fixed that and made the show back about people it is supposed to be about.

I liked Friday's show as well - as I said above. I was a little disappointed with the explosion technically since the promo for it made it look bigger. I am wondering if maybe we will see it again at the start of Monday's show and it will be as big as it is in the promo.

I felt like the buildup of the few days before of the sabotage was done okay. It wasn't pushed big time but enough for me to know that something was about to happen.

The whole story so far is reminding me of the 80's Another World story when Denny Hobson (James Horan) sabotaged the building of his new father-in-law Steve Frame (David Canary) with inferior products. Steve and Rachel got trapped in the rubble. It set off story for months. I am hoping this does the same thing.
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