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Viewing Single Post From: Clips from the Australian TV Interview
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Queen Hoochie

Oct 21 2007, 05:43 PM
I don't know what was said that was deleted, but I'll just say that while I thought Thaao's comment about masturbation was kind of outrageous (in a fun way) I didn't see that much cringing on the part of Drake and Deidre over it. It was just kind of ohnohedidn't! IMO and I mean all of them have been friends for years so I doubt that is even anywhere near the most outrageous thing they've heard Thaao say.

I also don't think you can deduce anything about Thaao's real-life "perviness" from his use of the word masturbation there simply talking about the odd experience of acting opposite himself as Tony and Andre. I actually thought his description made a lot of sense, however vulgar or inappropriate it may be to some people's sensibilities.

I welcome the mods to repost it if they can and explain to me what I said to get it deleted.

I said that I heard from a Thaao fan who met him on Friday at the Hollywood Film Festival that was showing his movie, "The Mirror" that Thaao is shy and blushes easily. He also says provocative things to shock people because he thinks it's funny.

I also said that Drake was pretty naughty during the radio interview. I didn't realize he was that naughty, and I liked it! LOL I said I wished John was more like Drake.

So, are you offended by anything I said? LOL

BTW, I don't get either how anyone can call someone a "pervert" because he was making an analogy between swordfighting with himself and masturbation. To me, the DH's thought he was funny. Thaao's known Dee for 26 years, they are very good friends. I'm sure she's heard worse from him. LOL :smooch:
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