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Queen Hoochie

Naughty Eskimo
Oct 21 2007, 06:56 PM
It was just unnecessary on a live talk show.

Oh please. Thaao does interviews every time he's in OZ, even on vacation. They know what they are getting with him. It's not like he was describing doing it.

But I guess Drake telling Dee to basically sit on his crouch was ok. Oh, and then Drake insinuating he had sex pictures of himself and Dee is ok too. Radio's live too. Nothing Drake said bothered me.

To me, Thaao is just being bashed by haters. It's really not about what he said. Drake was just as naughty as Thaao, but he's not getting bashed.

BTW, Thaao is very popular in OZ. He's known for other projects other than DOOL. He taped the Mission: Impossible tv series there. Also he's been in movies/mini series there. He's known for his other projects too, not just DOOL. It's the show/host's fault that they did not ask him a question. There's no reason why the host could not have had him answer the "favorite storyline" question.
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