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Hunter Tylo's son dies in drowning accident. 'OLTL' star arrested — again! ‘GH’ star fired! Is Deidre Hall next?

Hunter Tylo (Taylor, ‘B&B’) faces a mother's worst nightmare

All My Children (A-Channel/ABC) — Is that a pulse I hear?
Egads! You may actually have to watch AMC more than once this week: Adam and Krystal have hot sex, but don’t expect a happily-ever-after ending for the comedic couple — Hannah and Tad threaten their newfound happiness. And oh yeah, Krystal gets the 411 on Adam’s latest Stuart charade and busts her hubby this week. Meanwhile, Hannah’s secret is exposed on Wednesday, while Richie is charmed by Lily, Kendall’s revenge against Greenlee moves forward, and Babe shocks Annie. This just in: Kate Collins reappears as Janet on Nov. 19. I’m hearing AMC plans to bring on old fan faves in upcoming weeks, so stay tuned for updates.

As the World Turns (CH/CBS) — Meg’s pregnant!
Like we didn’t see this coming. In another “imaginative” ATWT storyline, this week Meg learns she’s pregnant! Who’s the daddy? Who freakin’ cares! When Rosanna finds out, she cancels her wedding to Paul. Cady McClain (Rosanna) should call Eva La Rue (ex-Maria) on how to deal with a horrible, misguided comeback.

Scene-stealer Linda Cook (ex-Egypt, Loving; Ellen, OLTL) pops up in Oakdale as Ann to cause trouble for Gwen and Will.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CTV/CBS) — Tragedy rocks B&B star
Sympathies and condolences are in order for Hunter Tylo (Taylor) and her family: a spokesperson is confirming that the veteran’s 19-year-old son, Mickey, drowned in their family pool Thursday night. According to the county coroner, Mickey drowned at the family's home in Henderson, Nev., and was pronounced dead at 11:55 p.m. Thursday night. The matter is under investigation and toxicology reports on the deceased have been requested, although authorities are confident there was no foul play, alcohol or drugs involved. Coroner Michael Murphy explains, “It has already been determined that his was an accident. Looking at the report, it appears that he fell in the pool after having some sort of medical event. It says on the report he had a seizure disorder.”

A source close to the actress called tvguide.ca over the weekend to report that “the cast is supporting Hunter during this horrific time; she’s understandably in shock, and she’s being observed closely. We’re very worried about her at this point. No one knows at this point whether or not she’ll have to take a leave from the show, but it seems unlikely at this juncture.” At press time, the cast and family have been having trouble reaching Mickey’s father, Michael Tylo (ex-Quint, GL), who has according to our source, “disappeared for some time.” The two have filed for divorce, but it is still not yet finalized. The popular B&B star also has a son named Christopher, 27 (from a previous relationship), and two daughters, Izabella and Katya, who recovered from a rare cancer of the right eye called retinoblastoma.

On to happier news. B&B’s on fire this week, so fasten your Prada belts, friends: Stephanie is back and hell breaks lose. Eric dumps Stephanie for good (John McCook believes this is the end for the couple), Brooke refuses to forgive Stephanie after a heated confrontation, and Ridge cuts Mama Bear out of his life. How’s that for starters? And Stephanie still hasn’t learned that Eric’s having an affair with Donna!

Also, this week: Donna and Eric make the perfect business team when an opportunity arises; Nick begs Taylor to forgive and forget; and Katie and Thorne’s romance progresses.

Coronation Street (CBC) – couple update
Real-life lovebirds Tina O'Brien (Sarah) and Ryan Thomas (Jason) are denying that they moved in together. Moreover, O’Brien, who is leaving the show next year, reveals that the couple have no plans to marry. “Ryan's squatting at mine at the moment, but we're not officially living together,” she states. Of marriage, she says: "It's definitely not on our list of things to do!"

Deidre Hall (Marlena) isn't leaving ‘Days’

Days of our Lives (Global/NBC) — Philip and Belle have sex!
Now that John’s dead, the big question remains: will viewers stay tuned in? Let’s see: this week, Philip and Belle have sex; Bo “Einstein” Brady realizes that John’s death was a part of the DiMera vendetta; Shawn beats the crap out of Philip; Sami gives birth to a boy and a girl; and Alice Horton’s crystal meth addiction begins to spiral out of control. Oh, I wish …

In industry news, the peacock network is selling various parts of its Burbank studio, NBC Universal, but it’s unclear what this means for Days. At this point, cancellation rumours seem inevitable.

According to Soap Opera Weekly, don’t believe the rumours that now suggest Deidre Hall (Marlena) will be next on co-executive producer Ed Scott’s chopping block.

General Hospital (CTV/ABC) — Livingston fired! Willis update!
Fans, rejoice! One of the worst actors on soaps is finally getting her walking papers; Emmy winner Natalia Livingston will leave the soap when Emily is killed. In related news, Livingston puts her Emmy statue on eBay, so hopefully the person who really deserved it can have it. Oh, I wish …

Speaking of the untalented, Alicia Leigh Willis (ex-Courtney) is joining The L Word for its upcoming fifth season, which begins in January 2008. She is set to appear in seven episodes and plays Cindi.

In story news, Robin asks Spinelli to be her sperm donor. All together now: Ewwwww! Luckily, the Jackal can’t go through with it and suggests Jason. Elsewhere, it’s revealed that Trevor is the real Mob kingpin, not the wacko Zacchara.

Guiding Light (CH/CBS) — Budget cuts force soap out of the studio
Executive producer Ellen Wheeler is turning lemons into a lemonade martini once again. CBS has ordered GL and ATWT to cut costs yet again by modernizing and streamlining production (it costs approximately one million dollars a week to produce soaps). According to TV Week, the soaps will ditch their traditional sets in favour of an expansive series of three-wall sets, with all exterior scenes being shot on permanent sets in a small town in New Jersey. Expect the new look to debut next year in January. Wheeler previewed her look to the New York Post, saying, “it’s not going to look anything like what it looks like now.”

The top honcho also assured fans that GL isn’t in danger of being cancelled. “I want to efficiently and effectively deliver Springfield to my audience,” she deadpanned. CBS vice president Barbara Bloom notes, “We all agree now is the time to really challenge the form. How we can do it different, better, faster, and more impactfully?” Just don’t forget about the writing, folks — it’s all starts on the page.

One Life to Live (A-Channel/ABC) — OLTL star arrested! Viki mystery solved!
According to the New York Daily News, Nathaniel Marston (Michael) was charged with felony assault, reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon and resisting arrest. He allegedly attacked three men with a crate and broke one person's leg in the early hours of Oct. 22 in New York City's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. Moreover, Marston was brought in to Bellevue Hospital where he was labeled "emotionally disturbed" and then released. Police believe Marston appeared to be under the influence of cocaine at the time of the incident. This isn't Marston's first run-in with the law. In 1999, while he starred on As the World Turns, Marston was arrested for attacking/damaging an ATM.

Sorry Erin Torpey: Bree Williamson (Jessica) has recently re-signed with OLTL. Plus, Kassie DePaiva (Blair) will be the first guest co-host on The View when that annoying twit, co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, begins her maternity leave on Oct. 24.

Now that Erika Slezak (Viki) is back, viewers can expect a big story for the matriarch after simmering on the backburner for eons. Turns out Viki has been working at a diner in Paris, Texas. There, she meets Farah Fath’s Gigi (she first airs this Wednesday) and new love interest, Brian Kerwin’s Charlie. Look for Llanview to visit Paris for the highly-anticipated reading of Asa Buchanan’s will. In other story scoops, Todd and John team up to find Marcie, Langston goes into hiding, and Renee stuns Clint and Bo regarding her decision involving Jared.

Passions (DirecTV/SuperChannel) – Showdown alert!
According to DirecTV, Passions is still holding its own on satellite TV. And predictably, the show is still scripting crappy material. This week, Gwen snoops into Pilar’s mysterious past, Ethan and Gwen’s baby is in danger, and Kay and Ivy confront each other at Fox’s funeral.

The Young and the Restless (Global/CBS) — Genoa City’s the new Malibu
The Insider’s Victoria Recano does a cameo on Oct. 25 when she arrives in Genoa City to cover the Clear Springs tragedy, which traps various characters in life-and-death situations. In the quote of the week, Peter Bergman (Jack), while raving about the stunt event, tells Soap Opera Weekly, “This doesn’t feel like a soap opera.” I couldn’t agree more, Peter.

Austin Peck: The best thing on ‘ATWT’. Yep, we said it

Austin Peck, As the World Turns
What a difference a show — and a wardrobe — makes! One of the most improved actors this past year is Austin Peck, who joined ATWT last year as sarcastic con-man Brad Snyder after an embarrassing stint on Days of our Lives as a long-lost member of the Bush family, Austin Reed. It’s no secret that ATWT is frustratingly uneven to watch these days, but the only consistent pleasure in Oakdale is Peck. Not only does the actor seem to be having the time of his life (remember actors: have fun with your character – it really translates on screen!) playing the sexy, hilarious, and insightful rascal, but he’s also stealing scenes from Emmy winner Maura West (Carly), Emmy-nominated Michael Park (Jack) and Terri Colombino (Katie) — and that’s not an easy feat. Of course, some credit also goes to Park (head up an acting school, I say), who has clearly mentored Peck, who’s only acting on Days consisted of modeling towels.

Most impressively, Brad’s dialogue sings off the page thanks to Peck’s realistic and infectious delivery — and I’m addicted to his physical idiosyncrasies. Brad actually reminds me of one of my best friends to a tee – well, except for his spectacular pectoral muscles. Also, Brad’s surprisingly evolved into the only sane person in Oakdale — and that’s pretty scary and rather telling in itself. In fact, I’m beginning to develop a crush on Brad as he shyly and sweetly hides his love for Katie, while advocating for her marriage to his brother Jack. Who knew Peck was capable of subtext? It’s a whole new world, isn’t it? If Park has influenced Peck, as the actor has told me, then he’s created a monster — because in my mind, Peck’s the best thing on this soap, period (sorry, Nuke’s as annoying as watching this CarJack mess). That sound you hear? Days’ executive producer Ken Corday scratching his head.

RANT OF THE WEEK: One Life to Live’s falling Starr
Why aren’t OLTL’s Todd and Blair filing a missing person’s report regarding the abduction of their deliciously evil spawn, Starr Manning? While the actress playing her looks exactly like Kristen Alderson, I’m convinced an imposter has taken over the role. Over the past couple of years, Alderson has turned one of daytime’s most entertaining scene-stealing characters into a self-righteous, vapid, and dumb bore. While her on-screen romance with Brandon Buddy (Cole) is probably to blame, there’s no excuse for this once Emmy-worthy performer opting to play herself instead of the character she was hired to play. Not impressed, Kristen, not impressed at all.

1. The Young and the Restless
2. One Life to Live
3. The Bold and the Beautiful
4. Days of Our Lives
5. General Hospital

1. Susan Flannery (Stephanie, B&B)
2. Deidre Hall (Marlena, Days)
3. Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke, B&B)
4. Erika Slezak (Viki, OLTL)
5. Robin Strasser (Dorian, OLTL)

1. Anthony Geary (Luke, GH)
2. Peter Bergman (Jack, Y&R)
3. Trevor St. John (Todd, OLTL)
4. David Andrew MacDonald (Edmund, GL)
5. John McCook (Eric, B&B)

1. Lucas and Sami, Days
2. Stephanie and Eric, B&B
3. Victor and Nikki, Y&R
4. Brad and Katie, ATWT
5. Krystal and Adam, AMC

Published: Monday, October 22, 2007
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