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For GH, I would bring the Webber/Hardy families to the forefront. Over time I would see the reintroduction of siblings Steven and Sarah Webber, their father Jeff Webber, his brother Tom Hardy along with his son Tommy Hardy. I would even bring Simone back too. The cause for all of these characters to return to town would be Audrey having a stroke. Her entire family would come home to help her deal with the results. We would see this clan really become a family again, they would lean on each other.

I would also strengthen the Spencer family. We hardly see Bobbie anymore. I would bring her to the forefront and have her and Scott reconnect. This would cause issues for Luke, who would have to once again deal with his sister becoming involved with his arch nemesis. Lucky would continue his budding relationship with Sam and Lulu and Logan would work through there problems. Luke would have an issue with both of his children's significant others, considering they are both members of families Luke despises.

The Baldwin family would become more prominent again. Serena would return to town with her Grandparents, Gail and Lee. Gail would reconnect with Monica, who would try and forge a relationship with kind of brother Scotty.

I will continue this later on, right now I have run out of ideas, lol.
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