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When Belle and Sami left and Marlena picked up John's shirt, looked at the folded flag, and then picked up the phone, I swear I thought she was getting ready to call John. I was fully prepared for the next scene to be John in some undisclosed location, assuring Marlena that their plan was working out fine! I don't know how long it will take for me to really believe John is dead and not "dead".

I know I'm in the minority on this, but I'm finding it impossible to like Philip. Truth is, I never have liked him, except for the end of Kyle Brandt's run. I think he's arrogant and selfish and have no respect for anyone who would go after his best friend's fiancee. Kayla is right; he should give up Tyler because he's in no way ready to be a parent, especially to a child who is suffering from a chronic disease. He needs to fix himself--and he doesn't need Belle for that. As for Belle, she needs to get her head straight and figure out once and for all who she wants--and then be honest with herself about it. I'm tired of this triangle!

Once again we get a conversation between Bo and Shawn regarding the dangers of being a police officer. This has to be heading somewhere catastrophic, otherwise what's the point? And we saw that flashing red light again, seeming to signal danger ahead. This is making me a little nervous! I don't want Hope to lose another child.

Finally, those babies are coming. And fast! I hope Sami doesn't deliver the twins on Marlena's beautiful gold sheets!
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