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After all... tomorrow is another day!


Yeah that bed is really beautiful. I am sadly afraid though it will be a casualty of Sami's "litter." I just hope Marlena gets John's flag out of the way of the afterbirth and they don't use it as a swaddling blanket for the twins or something. Hahahaha.

As for the rest of this episode...

I agree with others that it seems like they are dropping huge anvils regarding Shawn's safety on the Salem PD.

Some of the editing of this episode was aesthetically intriguing to me. I liked the cut from the focus on the blinking red light on the pier to the red candle holder at the church. Also liked the cut from Shawn being at the door of the church to Sami coming in the door of Marlena's bedroom.

I still can't figure out what the heck is up with Sami and this DiMarriage of Convenience. Marlena and Belle ask a legitimate question about what she's going to do if EJ forces himself on her and Sami changes the subject and says oh Stefano will die in a year. Ummmmm WHAT?! So are we supposed to take it that she's willing to endure EJ forcing himself on her for a year until Stefano dies or that she doesn't believe EJ will force himself on her because she doesn't feel like he ever has/she thinks he's changed or she would actually enjoy having sex with him but doesn't want them to know that or what? Even though I'm an EJ fan I don't mind Marlena and Belle raising these questions because they are logical. It is annoying however when a few weeks ago Marlena was asking Sami about her feelings for EJ and comparing them to her unwanted feelings for John while married to Roman and now today EJ is a mean mean mean DiMera with no hope of redemption whatsoever. Consistency sure would be nice. But at least today's Marlena is the one that make sense.

This marriage of convenience storyline was something I had high hopes for before, but I don't really now that it's just Lumi angst and another outlet for Brady sanctimony and will probably wind up being a rehash of the Santeen tragedy of DiMera douchebag seducing foolish Brady tramp. At this point it is only serving to make me like Sami less as it gives everyone the chance to bag on EJ some more while Sami comes across as fickle in that we have seen she has feelings for EJ while she's always been proclaiming love for Lucas and/or incredibly stupid in her naivete that the feud will really end by her marrying EJ.

Days4Life, I agree with you on a lot but I can't work up any sympathy for Shawn getting his fiance stolen away from him. It's not like Shawn always respected Phillip's engagement/marriage to Belle so why should Phillip respect his? Further, if he walks in on Phillip and Belle kissing or whatever that still doesn't compare to the hurt that Belle went through when her marriage to Phillip fell apart with the revelation that Claire was Shawn's kid yet Shawn was too busy playing house with a hooker to be there for his alleged soul mate and the little girl he had just learned was his. That's not to say that I disagree with you that Phillip is arrogant and selfish, it's just that I can see those qualities in about everyone on this soap.

I enjoyed the Phelle kiss but I could have enjoyed it more if they weren't using the plain piano version of the Santeen theme as the background music for it. I guess that's just a generic romantic music thing now since they also used it in the John and Marlena montage last week? <_<
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