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I just started watching again Friday for this story.
I liked the intro for "Out of the Ashes". At first when they were showing clips of everyone I was confused but realized what was going on rather quickly. I also like that they are not showing previews anymore.

I admit that at first I did not understand why Sharon, Nick, and Jack were the focus of the show. I asked myself, what about the others in there? But, when they ended the show on Noah's face, I thought it was very interesting. I think it is going to show the links from day to day of those beign rescued. Today it was Sharon and Nick, with the episode ending on their son Noah.

I kind of like Jack and Sharon together now. But I still get ill feelings when Nick talks about Jack being his stepfather for a while.

Phyllis and Jana. Oh my goodness, is this how these two have been the whole time they have been in there? I like Jana and think she is hilarious, but why is she the voice of reason for Phyllis?

Still hate Brad, Neil was right it was a little inconciderate of him to ask Nick about Sharon, but I won't gripe to much about that.

I am really interested in where this is going. Do we know if Victoria is in there? I don't remember anyone mentioning her at all. Maybe that is for another day.

I can say that so far this has brought me back to Y&R, I hope it is enough to keep my attention.
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