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Aug 29 2007, 03:25 PM
I have a GIGANTIC soap collection acquired from so many different sources (my late mom, myself, eBay, my roommate's moms, etc.) and here's pretty much everything.

All My Children:

-I have every single episode from 1989-mid 1999, plus the Gillian death/Heaven storyline, the Bianca coming out storyline, some BAM and Lianca stuff, the Maria returns storyline, Phoebe's funeral, the Fan February episodes, and the 30th and 35th Anniversary shows.

Another World:

-Some stuff from 1987/the beginning of SoapNet's run of the show, Mac Cory's funeral, some Marley/Vicky beginning stuff, and pretty much the entire final year or two of the show.

The City:

The entire run.

Days of Our Lives:

-Everything from 1991-2000 with the exception of a few episodes here and there, plus the entire SSK storyline & some stuff from right now.

Daytime Emmy Awards:

-Every ceremony from 1987-2007

General Hospital:

-Everything from late 1992-mid 2003 with some gaps (the most is probably three episodes), all the anniversary specials plus the 10,000th episode, the primetime specials, Luke & Laura's wedding, all of Laura's return, some delicious bits with Tracy, Lila's funeral, Robin's return, both Jennifer Bransford and Laura Wright's first few episodes, Reese's death, etc.

Guiding Light:

-All of 1990-1998 and 2000-mid 2003 and half of everything in between. I also have all of the Soap Classics repeats and some kinetoscope recordings of old episodes.


-All of 1989-1995, the pilot TV movie, the first two weeks, and some stuff from in between.

One Life to Live:

-All of 1988-2006, the pilot episode from kinetoscope, the Soap Center episode about the 35th anniversary, the first Viki/Niki storyline, the Eterna storyline, and about 16 Christmas blooper tapes (I wish I could put them up for you, but I don't have the technology, but trust me, it's a hoot).

Port Charles:

The entire run plus the 2-hour TV movie & an E! special on the making of from the week after the debut.

Ryan's Hope:

As of last month, I officially have the entire run plus the Soap Center special celebrating the show.

Sunset Beach:

-The entire run plus the primetime special.

Wow I can't believe you have all of that 1988 to 2006 of OLTL. That means you have the entire run of Grace Phililps as Sarah (1990-1991)... are u interested in selling??
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