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I admit there is chemistry with Phelle. But the history is so bad for this pairing that I just can't get behind it. Really I think JKJ would have chemistry with a paper bag.

Philip is a two year old that has to have a temper tantrum to get what he wants. Boo Hoo Hoo Poor Philly Poo. Philip only cares about Philip and what he wants. He was like that in high school and it hasn't changed.

Shawn didn't hook up with Willow until he heard Belle tell Carrie that she wanted nothing to do with Shawn after the miscarriage and he saw Philip with Claire. Shawn was willing to step aside and dropped the custody case. It wasn't until Belle told him that Philip took off that Shawn stepped up to be a father to Claire. And that was because Philly Poo pouted away because Belle couldn't promise that their marriage would work out.

Yes, I am a fan of Shawn. But I can also admit that he has done stupid things in his life and there were many times I wanted to beat him upside of the head. He has been trying to change his ways and make a life for his family. Philip hasn't made it easy and Belle has made him jump through hoops for it. I personally think he deserves better than Belle with the way she has been treating him. Because you know the minute another woman walks by Shawn, Princess Belle will start crying again about what she doesn't have.

Oh and one more thing about Shawn...couldn't miss the big flashing neon foreshadowing signs about something happening to him in the academy or on duty.
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