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Oct 22 2007, 06:34 PM
Days4Life, I agree with you on a lot but I can't work up any sympathy for Shawn getting his fiance stolen away from him. It's not like Shawn always respected Phillip's engagement/marriage to Belle so why should Phillip respect his? Further, if he walks in on Phillip and Belle kissing or whatever that still doesn't compare to the hurt that Belle went through when her marriage to Phillip fell apart with the revelation that Claire was Shawn's kid yet Shawn was too busy playing house with a hooker to be there for his alleged soul mate and the little girl he had just learned was his. That's not to say that I disagree with you that Phillip is arrogant and selfish, it's just that I can see those qualities in about everyone on this soap.

Oh, I agree with you that Shawn is no better. That's the problem with this triangle--there's really no one to root for. I'm thinking maybe the best solution is just a menage a trois. That way they can all make each other miserable all the time without feeling guilty about any of it.
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