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The ATWT talk has died down a lot! Maybe we should do monthly threads?

My favorite scenes today were Jack and Carly and strangely Brad and Katie!
I loved the way Carly is justifying her actions.
It was good to see Tom and Margo today,however short their scenes were.

Holden has decided that Luke will move to the farm with him when Luke gets out of the hospital. Has he talked to Lily about this?

It has been a while since we have seen Cole and Sophie together on the show.I think we may have seen Sophie last week. Maybe Jean is getting the hint we don't like them.

Paul,Rosanna,Meg and Craig were so so to me. Scott Bryce is making it bearable for me.

We have had big changes in the writing staff lately.
It reads like this:

Written By
Jean Passanante

Leah Laiman

Lisa Conner
David A.Levinson
Peter Brash

Courtney Simon

Richard Culliton
Susan Dansby

Christopher Whitesell,Judy Tate and Jeanne Marie Ford have gone in the last few days. Culliton and Dansby are the only scriptwriters now.

Three new writers will be added soon,including Leslie Nipkow from OLTL.
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