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Steve Frame
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I hate the loss of Ford.

I know that my talking about the show has dropped. I have just not been passionate about what has aired lately - well not enough to want to discuss it. I enjoy the show in moments again, but nothing like I was doing a few weeks ago. Strangely I find myself tuning in more when Brad is on than anyone else and that floors me. LOL

The stories are just nothing special right now because they are so cliche ridden. There is nothing original. You already have Will/Gwen bogged down in a baby story; now add Craig/Meg/Paul/Ro with a baby; plus when they are on Cole/Sofie is a baby story. Nuke is bogged down with paralysis and the Carjack quad is bogged down with the belief that Carly is dying.

The stories are just a big clusterfuck right now. If it weren't for loving the show, loving the characters, and appreciating the acting - I would be watching less than I am.

As far as scriptwriters go, I just wonder if ATWT will go the way of GL in January and throw out the scripts. The article I posted yesterday only said GL was doing that but all the other changes the article mentioned are for both shows. I still just can't imagine a soap opera letting the actors adlib everything based on an outline.
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