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Miss Rhi
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I've been watching today's episode on Soapnet, and so far I feel like Kenny does. The explosion was lame on Friday, and the dialogue isn't impressing me much either....

It's pissing me off that Victoria wasn't mentioned as much as Nick, I mean Victoria is pregnant and everyone seems to be worried about Nick & Sharon. Brad the cad called Sharon's cell, but made no mention of Victoria who could be pregnant with his kid. I mean Brad wouldn't know one way or the other where Vicki was for sure, and you'd think one of the first things he'd think about was the baby. The asshat calls Nicki and doesn't even mention Victoria, this is absurd. Why didn't Neil mention anything about Vicki when he was telling Brad how insensitive he was when he was asking Nicki about Sharon?

I don't like that only particular people will be featured each day, because it seems like people that are featured earlier are more important; of course this is LML's whacked out version of Y&R that's beyond rational and a lot of the time lacks sense.....

There was your Noah ending Kenny! :P
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