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GL (Ending Taggart and Culliton's stories and starting my own)

-Cassie and Danny pair up, and supposedly with the revelation that Gus is his half brother, Danny swears off the mob. However Cassie begins to think otherwise and lets on to her friend Blake, who then tells Harley, who then tells Frank. While Harley is conflicted about whether or not to tell Gus, who has began to bond closely with Danny, Frank asks Cassie to do the unbelievable; wear a wire. During the whole operation Gus learns the truth at the last moment and while he is furious that Harley kept the truth from him, he goes along with the plan, blindly believing that Danny will prove not to be in the mob. Meanwhile, Michelle who has yet to fully cut off her feelings for Danny learns of the entire operation and after some contemplation warns Danny. When Cassie carries out the plan to learn once and for all whether Danny is back in the mob, he surprises Cassie by confronting her. Danny storms out leaving Cassie in tears and leaving Frank to mend her broken heart. Meanwhile Danny and Gus have a huge falling out about his supposed involvement in the mob, and when Danny is unable to confirm the fact that he’s gone legit, Gus vows to take him down. Meanwhile Bill learns that it was Michelle who alerted Danny and temporarily calls it quits with her until she can get Danny out of her system. She in fact does after a lengthy period of time, after Danny signs over his parental rights of Robbie to her (He does so to protect Robbie and after realizing that he cannot keep his son safe if he’s going to continue this life). Shortly after Bill and Michelle reunite and become engaged. Bill begins construction of their future home; a cottage near Laurel Falls. Danny shocks all of Springfield by revealing that he’s set to marry the daughter of an infamous mob boss (Of course it’s a marriage of convenience; he marries her to keep Cassie and his loved ones safe). Danny and Cassie, who are with two separate people; long for each other as the two still harbor feelings for each other.

-Michelle chooses to be with Bill and the two later become engaged. Ed and Michelle open up a clinic on 5th Street. Meanwhile as this is all going on, the Spauldings are in the midst of a power struggle between Alex and a newly returned Alan-Michael. A-M brings back Amanda, who reveals that she is Alan's daughter. (Around the time Alan learns that he is not the father of Emma Spaulding) Amanda decides to stick around Springfield longer and not too soon her half brother Matthew Evans comes to town SORASed and portrayed by Scott Holroyd. When Alan suffers a heart attack in the elevator at Towers, Matthew is there and calls for help thus practically saving Alan's life. When Amanda asks her father Alan to give Matthew a job he is more than glad to do so. Alan takes Matthew on as a protégée of his having lost both A-M and Phillip (both men have cut ties with Alan). Alan teaches Matthew the tricks of the trade and it's not too soon that Matthew practically becomes a mini-Alan Spaulding. Meanwhile the Spauldings have designated a large area of 5th Street for their new Spaulding complex. There is a vocal protest against the construction of The Spaulding Complex and among those protesting is Michelle, whose clinic is slated to be next to the site. Michelle forms a friendship with Matthew and is able to get him to compromise with the residents of 5th Street. Matthew and Michelle begin to connect even more, despite the fact that Matthew's actions in the business world angers Michelle's husband Bill Lewis. Bill succumbs to the pressure of running Lewis and drowns into alcoholism, pushing Michelle away and into Matthew's arms. Basically a triangle is forming here. Matthew schemes to win Michelle's heart, and in one act reminiscent of Alan-Michael he hires a prostitute to sneak into a drunken Bill Lewises bed so Michelle can find her there. In the end, after some adventure involving the return of Matthew's presumed dead father, Mark Evans, Matthew decides to let Michelle return to Bill, coming to the conclusion that he can never win Michelle's heart.

-Blake returns to Spaulding Enterprises and butts heads with Olivia Spencer. Unbeknownst to the both of them, they’ve both been recruited by Alan-Michael to help him wrestle control of Spaulding from Alex over to him. A-M uses both women to help him take over Spaulding; all the while the two despise each other (Their personal lives spiral out of control with Olivia’s thirst for power and Phillip having sworn off the Spaulding name to become a writer. For Blake’s it’s her need to climb the ladder at Spaulding all the while trying to keep Amanda from stealing away her husband). When the three finally are able to gain control of the company, there is a board meeting held at Spaulding to introduce the new Vice President that A-M as decided to appoint. When the two women arrive outside of the board room, they realize that A-M has used the both of them. The two get into a physical altercation for all the board members to see. Both bitter that A-M has used them, they are later shocked to learn that the both of them will share the position of Vice President. As time wears on Alan-Michael’s feelings for Blake are reignited while Ross becomes weary of Blake’s growing involvement at Spaulding; thus creating a wedge between the two. When it comes down to it, Blake is faced with the fact that she has to choose between her family and Spaulding/Alan-Michael. Blake in the end chooses her family. Unfortunately Olivia chooses Spaulding over her family when she is found in bed with Alan-Michael (A-M reeling from the fact that Blake rejected his feelings for her)! Phillip and Olivia’s marriage is over; Beth and Phillip soon reunite. Olivia learns that A-M will always see her as a pawn becomes hell bent on revenge against the Spaulding family. She forms an unlikely alliance with Edmund Winslow against the Spauldings, and the two begin to fall in love.
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