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Good show today.

You could definitely tell that we were seeing leftovers from what was supposed to be on Friday with the early scenes between Shawn/Bo and Steve/Kayla/Philip dominating in the early going, kind of like Marlena's scenes dominated Friday's second half.

Bo/Shawn was nice. It's so obvious something bad is going to happen but classic family moments like this (along with Sami/Belle/Marlena) are what Days is about and is what was missing earlier this year. Loved it and loved the stuff with Ironpants. PR and BB have great father/son chemistry.

MBE and SN were great today. I was LMAO when Steve told Philip to get a pet. I couldn't believe the Mrs. Myers didn't give Steve and Kayla a better apology then that after she put them through hell. The Pocket scenes were sad but Steve and Kayla are in a nice place now and we saw some major growth in Philip, who realized that his major motivation behind finding Tyler was to fill the void left by Belle and Claire. I still don't think this baby story is over but it really moved story along and did some great character work so far.

JKJ and MM were great in that last scene and the music on the show is getting better and better. That last scene was so great with Shawn coming close to walking in. Classic soap and I did see the Phelle chemistry. I honestly have no idea who I am rooting for now.

Loved seeing Marlena tough on Sami, along with Belle who wavered toward the end. It's great seeing all 3 together. Someone mentioned Marlena isn't shedding enough tears. Well, she was shedding tears alot last week, broke down on Friday, and twice today (at least) she began to tear up talking about John or mentioning something in relation to his death. I don't know what else needs to be done LOL.

Good ending with Sami. Can't wait for the babies to finally arrive.
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