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After all... tomorrow is another day!

DAYS OF OUR LIVES stories to stir the pot because I'm BORED with pretty much all existing storylines and ones I am anticipating based on spoilers:

(Bear in mind, I don't even like half the characters I'm mentioning so I have no clue why I am writing such a meaty storyline for them, but just roll with it)

Phillip/Belle/Shawn/Kate ---

After what happened with her father Belle decides she can no longer be around the hospital without thinking of her father so she wants to head back to her fashion career and thinks it would do her dad proud to restore Basic Black to what it was. She tells Phillip about this (Belle says they can only be friends and what happened can never happen again as she hasn't called off her engagement to Shawn) and he encourages her to bring Kate back into the fold, knowing that Kate is still looking for work after the Mythic fiasco but has the executive experience that Belle needs to help her run the company. Belle isn't sure if she can work with Kate again after what happened over Claire but Phillip helps smooth things over and Kate apologizes profusely and apologizes for coming between her and Shawn and tells Belle that she has the same wish to do John's memory proud by making Basic Black a rousing success again. Unfortunately for Kate, when the new DNA results for Sami's twins come out so does Kate's secret of her previous blackmail of Nick to falsify the records when an off the wagon again Billie (she has lost her job as head of campus security because of all the violence against women on campus) mentions something to Sami about it at the baby shower at Chez Rouge leading to a huge confrontation where all of Kate's children disown her and she heads to the Cheatin Heart in tears. Phillip has come to the party to keep an eye on Billie but when he finds out the truth of what his mother has done in lying about a grandchild's paternity again to interfere in her children's love lives he is devastated by the reminder of all that went wrong with Claire and Belle comforts him and they wind up kissing some more. Even though Shawn has no job because the police academy wouldn't take him, he showed up late to the party for the twins because he had purchased plane tickets for a surprise elopement with Belle (she had been saying she didn't want a big ceremony and kept putting things off because she didn't have her dad to walk her down the aisle) sees them and confronts Belle. Just then Bo and Hope come out of the restaurant and he tells them what happened and Shawn finds out they knew about her cheating and hadn't told him. He walks away disgusted and heads to the Cheatin Heart where he runs into Kate. Shawn tells Kate she should be happy because Phillip has finally won, he has Belle, but Kate tells her she's not happy at all because she's all alone and her children hate her. She just screwed up one too many times. Shawn says he knows the feeling and can't trust anyone any more. The two of them get really wasted and the next thing you know they are in a Las Vegas hotel room in bed together and married! While at first they think about getting an annulment, they admit they both had fun together and decide they'll stay married for a while just to fuck with the rest of Salem. As ridiculous as it sounds, Shawn and Kate do wind up having a real May-December romance for a while where Kate helps Shawn mature and Shawn helps Kate feel desirable again and they drive everyone nuts, with Kate making Belle super jealous at work and Shawn getting his revenge on his parents when Kate gets her own ornament on the Horton Christmas tree.

Roman/Anna/Tony ---

Roman has kicked Kate out of his home after learning what she had done with blackmailing Nick to falsify the paternity test leading to Sami getting kidnapped and called off a relationship with her and starts pursuing Anna again. He has his work cut out for him though as Anna and Tony spend a lot of time together as in an effort to try to woo his bastard son back into his good graces, Stefano has given the two of them money to restart Tony and Anna DiMera Designs, albeit as a subdivision of Mythic putting EJ as the boss over his big brother. Tony and Anna Dimera Designs just so happens to compete against Basic Black. In time though, working together and living together does start to take its toll on Tony and Anna, as does Tony's emotional distance and the cold ruthlessness befitting the DiMera name he seems to be developing, and Anna starts spending a little more time with Roman. Will Tony realize that he could lose Anna before it's too late or will he wind up heading the DiMera empire with no woman at his side? And how far will he go to see that his company bests Basic Black?

Marlena/Stefano ---

Just as EJ and Sami are about to marry, Marlena shows up at the ceremony with a gun and says she's not going to let Sami go through with it. She pulls a gun on Stefano and we get great flashbacks of when Marlena shot Stefano during the 80s Ice Show storyline and their other battles. Stefano puffs his chest out and dares Marlena to shoot. Unlike the rest of Team Brady though, Marlena does shoot him. She feels she has nothing to lose with John gone. Marlena is arrested by Roman and taken away while Stefano is wheeled away by paramedics and EJ follows him to the hospital. Sami is shocked and heartbroken seeing her mother taken away in handcuffs, but Lucas is oblivious and cheers hugging Sami saying that she doesn't have to marry EJ now and they're free, totally ignoring what is happening to Marlena and how EJ may carry the feud on after this. Stefano does not die even though he is hit in the kidney as ironically John's kidney allows him to go on living. EJ is outraged by what happened but Stefano has a lot of resignation about it and doesn't want charges pressed against Marlena and also tells EJ the vendetta is over. The DiMeras lost.

Lucas/Sami/EJ/Chloe ---

With what happened at the ceremony, the wedding doesn't go forward and Sami settles into mundane domesticity with Lucas. EJ is still in the dark about one of the kids being his (Lucas and Sami are keeping this from him and Stefano also knows and is also keeping this from him) and decides to move on with getting his Mythic problems in order. After seeing Stefano let Marlena off after shooting him, EJ decides that's a wakeup call for himself that women are trouble and decides to devote more time to his work so he doesn't wind up like Santo and Stefano. But that problem gets a little more difficult when Chloe Lane Black shows up as EJ's new assistant at Mythic (she has given up her singing career because she says without Brady in her life she has nothing to sing for). Though Chloe does not tell EJ this, she has come back to Salem following Brady's tragic death in a plane crash. EJ also does not speak of his aborted marriage attempt to Sami but the two of them wind up talking up opera and places in Europe over a flirty dinner at Chez Rouge. Just then Sami and Lucas walk by and Sami does a double take. Lucas tries to pull Sami away but she won't be deterred from calling them out and harassing Chloe for being seen with EJ after what he and his family have done to Brady and Belle's father. Chloe says she had no idea EJ Wells was a DiMera and EJ says he had no idea that John used to be Chloe's father-in-law. They end the dinner awkwardly, but there is still some lingering attraction there that surfaces from time to time while they are working together and they have hot sex (but not on the same desk where he screwed Kate). Lucas is suspicious of why Sami cares whether EJ was out with Chloe, but even though it does bug her Sami lies and says she's not jealous. Still, that doesn't stop Sami from spying on EJ's love life from time to time as she has taken a job at Tony and Anna DiMera Designs as their company spokeswoman. This also creates friction as Phillip has encouraged Belle to hire Lucas (and Billie for that matter) for an executive position at Basic Black. Eventually Stefano will run off with the twin boy as he wants its stem cells and Sami will finally come clean to EJ that he is the dad and the two of them will work together to bring their son home. Will this revelation and teaming up to hunt Stefano down lead to EJami sparks or close the book on their relationship once and for all?

Bo/Hope ---

Hope comes down with the same cancer her mother had and she and Bo work through that. Hope becomes very very sick, but Lexie, who has had a cancer scare of her own, helps her get through it as does her good friend Kayla. As things start to look bleak, shockingly Kate winds up encouraging Shawn to seek a reconciliation with his mother speaking from her own experiences as a mother who has messed up with her kids a lot and misses them desperately. Shawn winds up being a bone marrow match that helps save his mom's life.

Marlena's psychiatry practice ---

Since no charges were pressed against Marlena for the Stefano shooting, she gets to keep her psychiatry practice and she throws herself totally into her work to keep from thinking about John. She starts treating Steve helping to unlock the secrets of his past with Kayla's encouragement, although Steve begins to wonder if some things would be best left hidden. She also helps treat Billie for her returning alcoholism and helps Bo get through his depression over Hope's illness.

Billie/Mike Horton ---

Mike comes back to Salem with Jeremy encouraging his son to testify against the DiMeras for the Skanks on a Plane fiasco and he works at the hospital again. He is gunshy about relationships but he runs into Billie while she is leaving Marlena's office and they wind up striking a conversation and sparks fly. Jeremy and Chelsea are NOT excited by the prospect of their parents getting in a relationship but is there anything they can do about it?

Nick/Chelsea/Jeremy/Stephanie ---

Nick and Jeremy become Odd Couple roommates. Nick starts to get jealous though when he starts to find Jeremy and Chelsea hanging out more and more and when he spies on Jeremy and Chelsea at dinner together at Chez Rouge with Billie and Mike, Nick gets the wrong idea and thinks that Jeremy and Chelsea are dating, causing a big scene where Mike winds up finding out that Nick and Billie slept together. Chelsea is angry, but Jeremy actually winds up helping Nick win her back as Jeremy is still in love with Stephanie, who begrudgingly accepts Max was just her way to get over how Jeremy hurt her.

Morgan/Max ---

They have sex with no incestuous undertones. It's hot.

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