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Oct 19 2007, 03:35 PM
Kate telling EJ that Sami would be a hero if she married him made me want to barf.

First of all, I am conditioned to HATE the word "hero" because of a professor I had in college who talked about how overused that word is and I agree with him so that already had me twitching a little bit, but the fact that the writers think they need to bludgeon me over the head with the idea that Sami is a heroine now by having KATE of all people say it just grates.

I am sick and tired of the character of Kate Roberts getting twisted into a pretzel to push whatever agenda the DOOL writing staff has for Sami's story on that given day. Today Sami is a hero so they have Kate calling her that and admiring her dedication to her family. If Kate saying this really was a demonstration of character growth for her that would be one thing, but that's not really what's at work here. It's more Sami pimping. Just watch... next week we'll need Sami to be the victim again and big bad Kate will do something that hurts Sami and then subsequently she will be punished with some new humiliation (fire extinguishers, cake in the face, etc...) and with Lucas disowning her again, but then he'll take her back after she agrees to worship Sami and Lucas as the circle of Sami pimping continues. I mean she deserves the pimping right? She is our hero after all.

Ugh. Hogan's misogynist strategy for turning Sami into a heroine through her agreeing to prostitute herself over and over turns my stomach to no end. Oh yes, Hogan. Look at the hero for her family agree to marry EJ using his lust for her to get him to get the DiMeras to call off the feud, just as ten months ago she agreed to fuck EJ so she could be a hero to Lucas and save his life, just as she was hero to the Salem PD and her family when she agreed to TWICE pretend to want to fuck EJ during their investigation of him. I swear Sami Brady must have the most heroic vagina ever.

And what's even more maddening is if they really did want me to see her marriage to EJ as heroic, you know what? I could've bought that Sami really was a hero to her family IF... IF we hadn't been shown her fantasizing about kissing EJ multiple times and lying to her husband about the intimate moments she shares with the man she's accused of rape. Then maybe I would see her as a hero for agreeing to marry EJ, but not now. She just comes across as an insincere and fickle idiot, not a heroine.

Bravo! Bravo! Posted Image

Fan-fuckin'-tastic post, Mary. Everything you said is right on the money. Posted Image
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