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Viewing Single Post From: DAYS: Tuesday, Oct. 23
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After all... tomorrow is another day!

When my favorite part of the show is the Shellip triangle that's when I know "Days" is totally fucked.

The break from the Sami show was nice while it lasted, but unfortunately she's BAAAAACK and she's crying and screaming all over us. Please please please pretty please let these be the last of the Sami tears now that she's done being pregnant. Oh I know she's just gonna keep on crying with them dragging out this who's the daddy crap even longer but I don't want think about that today. I'll think about that tomorrow.

Mercifully this birth only took place over the course of one episode, but still, I can't help but feel awful for Marlena that Sami is afterbirthing all over her sheets and she will have to wash them and lose the smell of John from them.

COMMANDER Flynn? Did Roman get demoted and that's why he's the deputy commissioner now? LOL at the reason Shawn can't join the Salem PD being that he violated a court order and him blaming that on Phillip. Did Shawn forget he is also not fit to be a police officer because of the fact that he drove through the church or stole Max's car to drive through Victor's house or worked on the DiMera payroll? In any event though I'm happy to see the police station again. I was afraid they had taken down that set and moved police headquarters to the Brady Pub given their police work at John's wake and their discussing police business at the pub to start today's epi.

And am I the only one who is totally feeling like Team Brady is the suck right now? I have NO SYMPATHY WHATSOEVER for Bo that the Brady police department nepotism failed for once to come through for unqualified hothead ShawnDuh in getting him a job there.

EJ. EJ. EJ. What are you doing? These people are not worth your time. You're slipping letting Lucas play that prank on you. If the show wants me to believe EJ is the evil incarnate interloper for sainted Lumi then they need to write him as less stupid and less of a Lucas punching bag and actually show him being responsible for John's death (and not just whatever happened 10 months ago) if they want everyone in Salem throwing it in his face because when they don't all my sympathy goes to EJ whether he is a bad bad baddie DiMera or not. If they want me to see Lucas as a hero they need to arm him with more than prank handcuffs and fire extinguishers. Oh and Abe and Bo just sitting their smugging all over the place? Barf. Maybe if you clowns on the Salem PD spent less time playing pranks on EJ and more time on actually solving crimes less people would die and actual arrests might take place. Just a thought.

Phillip is hot. Phillip and Belle kissing... not as hot as I hoped it would be, but maybe tomorrow will be sexier since this was sort of just a prelude to things. Loved the flashback in the church and JKJ's performance as well as his pretty, but the praying to God that he could have Belle was kind of ridiculous (if not somewhat sacrilegious). Also annoyed they are again playing the Santeen piano theme for the Phelle stuff, especially when all the dialogue for the scene as well as Shawn's extrapolation on the situation about how Phillip is manipulating the situation by portraying himself as the "poor little rich kid that no one understands but her" was like repeated punches in the gut as everything said were things that could have been incorporated into a real EJ and Sami romance if Hogan didn't love love love Lumi and wasn't content to waste the hottest man on this show in the triangle from hell just because he's connected to the DiMera family and therefore off limits for romance. Please let tomorrow's Phelle be hotter with NO SANTEEN THEME being played.
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