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I agree the sexiness wasn't there with Philip and Belle today. I didn't need to see the close up of Belle's smushed nose. I'm so irritated with her anyway. She's married to Philip and wants Shawn; now she's engaged to Shawn and wants Philip. What's wrong with this girl? And although I'm not a Philip fan, he was actually being noble and offering to walk away and leave Belle alone, until she walked over and closed the door. BTW, has the writer's strike started already because I would swear that scene today had a lot of resemblance to the Santeen scene, when Santo offered to leave Colleen alone and she walked over and shut the door. Are they recycling scripts?

Marlena should have stripped that bed before letting Sami give birth there. Seriously. This really bothers me because 1) I'm obsessive compulsive and have a germ phobia and childbirth is very messy and 2) those are the sheets John last slept on! Doesn't Marlena have a guest room or futon or something?

I refuse to comment on Sami/Lucas/EJ because I'm sick of them and this story. Remember Sami and EJ's dance on the pier? Remember that lovely chemistry and their sizzling repartee? What a waste.

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