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I A with a lot of what people are saying here, especially you psychofan, I am not afraid to admit that I was just like that back in the day LOL! Weekends sucked b/c there was no DAYS or OLTL and often they involved me re-watching episodes too.

But it is no doubt that people will become critical of a show when they can not simply sit back and enjoy it anymore. That is usually when people start to nit pick, try to rationalize or find reasons for their disinterest and their unhappiness and that is when the critical-ness takes over. DAYS for one has been guilty of this for many times, the problem this time around is that it has not been able to recover -- nor has it been able to make itself enjoyable (for me anyways, and obviously many others), which is why many DAYS fans remain critical rather than sitting back and enjoying.

When my soap is on fire I have no problem just enjoying it, but if it is failing on many levels there is no way you can just ignore so many things that are prohibiting you from enjoying it. It is also a question of what comes first the chicken or the egg. People just don't start becoming critical one day for the heck of it. Something precipitates it-- and it is usually disinterest or falling interest in the show.
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