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John McBain:
Batman With A Badge

Rainy Days And Mondays: Get John some Prozac, stat! Three people close to John have been killed: His father, Thomas (shot by Spencer Truman); his first love and fiancée, Caitlin (killed by Stephen Haver, the Music Box Killer) and as of Dec 3rd, Marty Saybrooke (killed as an indirect result of a kidnapping by Irish terrorists)

Help!: Speaking of death, John once came back from the grave—sort of. A car accident burned John so badly he was unrecognizable. Unconscious, he was identified as ADA Hugh Hughes because he accidentally had Hugh's wallet. When John finally regained consciousness and the ability to speak, the matter was sorted out.

(They Long To Be) Close To You: John's not very lucky in love. In addition to Caitlin and Marty dying, John's relationships with Natalie Buchanan and Evangeline Williamson came to an end. With Natalie, issues of control and trust led to their demise (at one point, she manipulated evidence because she thought John guilty of murder). In Evangeline's case, his intimacy issues and lingering feelings for Natalie led her to walk away.

Two Sides: John believes in two things: family and the law. Thus, when he learned that his adopted nephew Tommy was actually the long missing son of Todd Manning, John faced the toughest decision of his life: Break his brother's heart and return Tommy to the arguably unstable Todd, or break the law and knowingly keep a parent from their child. Ultimately John kept his mouth shut, but the secret came out anyway—and John lost his badge.

This Masquerade: John came to town in 2003, undercover with the FBI. Posing as a billiard scout, he used pool savant Natalie to get close to his intended target—Flynn Laurence.
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