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One on One with Jay Johnson

It seems like only yesterday, but really it's nearly been a whole year since Jay Johnson returned in the role he originated, Philip Kiriakis. He returned a new man or at least with a new face and, thanks to his father Victor and a corrupt judge, got custody of Claire, the daughter he once thought he shared with Belle. But Shawn and Belle weren't giving up their daughter without a fight and the chase was on.

Eventually, Shawn, Belle and Philip reconciled. What Shawn doesn't know, but it seems he suspects, is that Philip is in love with Belle. And Philip and Belle have taken the next step: they've made love. Jay Johnson dishes on Philip's love for Belle and what else is happening in Salem.

Days_Allison: What are some of the things that are going on with Philip right now?

Jay_Johnson: Can I say that he just slept with Belle? He and Belle have realized that they can't hold out any longer. Or maybe Philip convinced her that she couldn't hold out! They do sleep together. It was very passionate. I think Hope busts in on her and she promises Hope that she's not going to do it anymore. On top of that, we kind of figured out that whole situation with Tyler and for some reason, Philip decides he's going to give him up after all that chasing!

Days_Allison: How did Philip justify that to himself? Giving up his son?

Jay_Johnson: I think that he sees the foster parents and how good they are with Tyler. He realizes it's going to be a pretty big uphill battle for him to take care of a child. He's going to have to have a special diet. Philip's got all the money in the world but he can't do that.

Days_Allison: Did you feel this him and Belle making love was kind of inevitable?

Jay_Johnson: The way the story was written, yes. I definitely thought it was going to happen. Something had to happen. Just this whole chasing thing, chasing her around, something had to happen and she had to give in. I think it was written well. They made it to where she couldn't hold out any longer.

Days_Allison: Do you feel like Philip is really in love with Belle? Or was this some kind of conquest?

Jay_Johnson: I think that he came back for her and Claire so I think that he definitely wants her in his life. You kind of realize different situations that you're in and I think he liked the situation he was in with Belle. I think he definitely wants to taste that again.

Days_Allison: Was it hard to get that since someone else played Philip during that time?

Jay_Johnson: I kind of had to be coached a little by Martha. She told me "this happened," so This might make you play it differently. And I love working with Martha. We've had a really good time with the material that we've been given. I think we work well together.

Days_Allison: When Philip first came back, there seemed to be much more of a dark side to him.

Jay_Johnson: In retrospect, I probably would've added a few more layers, but I was playing it as writ and I had a great time doing it. But I've said before I was going a hundred miles an hour every single day. That's still there, but I think Belle definitely brings out the softer side in him. I like the happy medium in between the two.

Days_Allison: What have you enjoyed most about being back in Salem?

Jay_Johnson: I really miss working with John Aniston. When I first came back I had probably two weeks that I was working with John and I really enjoyed that. I think we work really well together. I'm having a really good time like I said working with Martha and Brandon, as well. I'm glad we got off the island!

Days_Allison: How has Philip changed since you were here before?

Jay_Johnson: I think he's grown up into more of a man. I think he's still got a lot of growing up to do. For lack of a better phrase, I think he was kind of a pushover. He was just getting walked on by Chloe and whomever else. I think that it was written that way but in all writing you have to find different layers and add that in yourself. Philip's changed and I've changed a lot as an actor. I might play that completely different now.

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