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I could hardly watch the hogwash that passed for Days today.

What is HS smoking? I'm on SpewMe overload.

If this guy wants EJ to be the biggest, baddest villain Salem has ever seen, which seems to be his mission in life according to the dialogue of every character in town, then why is he subtracting IQ points everyday? TinyLucas has never been a big, bad man or even that smart. Why else would he fall for every trick and lie Sami ever told him, along with Carrie, Kate and Nicole. I'm just sick of EJ being used to "show" me how wonderful the putrid, boring Lumi is. They aren't and they never will be to me. So stop it! Let the dopes stand on their own and leave the hunky guy to someone else.

Free EJ from this cesspool!

It is so bad that I actually looked forward to Phil nailing Belle. Belle! I know it is just a bump in the road to the prozac which is Shelle but it was a break at least. And I love JKJ's Phil, even with Belle.

Obviously this sweeps is going to be as boring as every sweeps since HS came onboard. While Y&R is cooking with all kinds of good story and GH is heating up to the Ball of Doom, we get Sami and her plastic dolls and endless EJ bashing, punching and slapping. What's next Hogan, a neon sign that says LUMI IS THE NEXT SUPERCOUPLE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT? I think I might need some of that prozac to enjoy this show.

Hey Kenny, got any more bright ideas about how to save Days?
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