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Cindy, be sure to check the mail, I will send you the Prozac! *wink*

I have been waiting and waiting for a cheesetastic Elvis comment to come out of James's mouth since he was revealed as Elvis.
Bo "Where's your sense of humor Elvis".
EJ "it's left the building"

Now, on with our show.
CyborgRobertsHortons- disgusting. Why couldn't we have had blankets. I like blankets a lot more than these creapy looking things that move their heads and mouths without making a crying sound.

Brava Marlena, you saved Claire and now baby girl cyborg. Isn't that something. She really learned a lot from her medical rotation.

Philip and Belle. :wub: I love them.
At first I didn't like the way this was going today, I was afraid he was going to become more stalker like, but finally he was just open with her and put it out there. When she shut the door and said she didn't want him out of her life, she knew exactly what she was doing. :makeout:
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