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So much for Days being consistently decent the last month or so. This week is featuring stupidity, hypocrisy and behavior that insults my intelligence and makes me wonder WTH Sheffer is even thinking (and the concept of him actually thinking is rather novel).

I let the boredom of Monday slide due to the intensity of last week and not having to hear screaming banshees. Two days in a row of mediocre (at best) episodes - with tomorrow looking like more of the same - basically wipes out my hopes that the show might be improving.

Belle and Phil were the highlight, and their scenes were the only ones that didn't annoy the hell out of me and kept my attention. But since Sheffer's made it clear he doesn't like to put couples together who have actual chemistry, I'm sure Belle and Phillip don't have a chance.

Sheffer seems hells bent on destroying EJ - but he needs to understand that NOTHING he does regarding EJ (or anything else) will make lumi look better or sound better. Walking into a freaking bats cave, complete with their sounds and droppings, would be better than watching even one minute of those two together.

Aside from Phelle, the episode pretty much hit me as oh well - and what a waste of an hour.

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