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Oct 23 2007, 01:50 PM
John Roman, instead of Roman John? I wonder what Sami's dear old dad is going to think about that.

I disagree. This is sort of like the one-year rule I mentioned in the Shelle/Phelle spoiler thread.

Roman can't get angry or even feel remotely jealous that his daughter named her baby after another man (especially given the weird history between Roman and John); that's because John died long before Roman did. She clearly did it as a tribute. And since Marlena is still alive and is the very grieving widow, if Roman threw a fit or even expressed jealousy over such a trivial matter, it'd prove he never really loved Marlena.

John Roman is best for Marlena's wellbeing, so I applaud Sami for taking this route. It's all for Marlena. Had John not died, we can safely bet she wouldn't have named the child that, even if she was on good terms with our hero.
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