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Oct 21 2007, 10:46 PM
Oct 21 2007, 10:38 PM
Jul 20 2007, 04:36 PM
And this is why I argued in the Drake thread that I can't feel bad for any of this people when they are being asked to take a cut.  Some have gotten so greedy.  These numbers are obscene.

Compared to the many primetime stars (weren't the FRIENDS making $1M per episode?!) who've only been around for a short time but are making ten times this amount per episode, I would say that daytime vets of 20+ years deserve a decent pay... and I wouldn't necessarily consider it greedy.

I totally agree Kenny. And when you think about how much more time that daytime performers have to put in for their pay. They can sometimes film 5 shows a week where their primetime counterparts film one show a week or sometimes only 16 to 20 per season for the pay they are given. Plus many of the daytime performers learn more lines and many times over night at that.

I don't blame any daytime performer for wanting to be paid a decent salary for the work they do.

Sure it is a lot to us, but for the time they have put in and their field of work what daytime performers get paid is a disgrace. And then the fans get mad if they won't take a pay cut.

I have no idea what rents are like in Los Angeles but I do have several friends in New York City. The housing prices are horrendously high. Manhattan is through the roof and now the bridge and tunnel boroughs are following suit.

Call me a snob but I believe anyone who is exposed to millions of viewers across the country, or across several countries, every day, as the case may be, deserves an "adjusted" living wage. When you think that some young soap actors only make about $100,000 a year, or less - that's peanuts in NYC unless you have a rent-controlled apartment.

So what is a living wage in Manhattan?

I think of someone like Nathaniel Marston who maybe makes at most $300,000 a year.

Yes, celebs should know what they are taking on as public figures, and yes his behavior was out of control and allegedly criminal. But for that salary in Manhattan is it worth it to have your emergency room photos published?
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