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Viewing Single Post From: Clips from the Australian TV Interview

Oct 21 2007, 11:51 PM
Oct 21 2007, 10:50 PM
Oh, and hooch? I wasn't bashing Thaao. I like the guy. Think he's a great actor. Perhaps my description of him was not to your liking, but I wasn't being mean-spirited. That's just how I talk sometimes. And note, again, that I mentioned, in a not-illegal way. So it really just means that I, judging from his past interviews about female cast members, this "masturbation" comment and other rumors around the net, wondered if he had a higher-than-normal libido. Didn't meant anything outlawed or deviant on his part.

pervert by definition is deviant. Maybe the problem is, that you don't know what the word means.

If that's the way you talk, why don't you give Thaao the same benefit of a doubt? There's rumors about every actor on the show in a sexual way, that doesn't make them true. I have Thaao interviews going back to when he first got on the show, I've never seen him say anything vulgar about an actress. The masturbation comment was an analogy, he wasn't talking about the act. Drake was just as naughty as Thaao, but you are not calling him a pervert.

Thaao likes to shock people. I love that about him. If Thaao's getting laid a lot, good for him. :clap:

Dear, for a LIVING I write and edit mine and other people's copy. I have a whole library of books on grammar and style.

I know what the word means.

But unless you're reading a newspaper or writing a term paper, words aren't always used for how they're intended. Someone who calls something "gay," for instance, isn't saying it's homosexual; they're often saying "gay" to mean "it sucks" or "it's lame."

It's the human condition.

Again, I apologize if I brought the wrong term to the forum (and when you deal with words ALL DAY EVERY DAY for work, trust me, in a non-work environment you get lazy and honestly? I couldn't think of a better word that night. Nor did I want to. I'm not on the clock.), but the whole thing is much ado about nothing, especially since I've cleared up the connotation I intended (if failed miserably).
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