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Jinxed Soul
Oct 22 2007, 07:25 PM
I really think they are portraying Marlena to be way too strong. She just lost her husband, and we've yet to see her shead many tears. She's worrying about her daughter's problems, and is going on with her life, like everything is okay.

Realistically, I don't even think the strongest women could do that, if they truly loved their husband, the way Marlena supposedly did.

Hopefully, after Sami has her children and Marlena is spending some time to herself, it will all kick in.

If DAYS just throws her into another storyline without giving her a fair amount of grieving time, I know I'll be pissed. I'd like to see them stroll down memory lane.

In today's Canadian episode, I actually saw the chemistry between Belle and Phillip. But, I still dislike the idea of going through that yet again.

I agree a little about Marlena. I swear, if we don't see a shot where Marlena looks at her bed and cries a little, (because Sami's in it with her twins), I'll go crazy.

Think about it: this is her MARRIAGE BED. The bed she shared with her husband who just died. And Sami just gave BIRTH in it. Two twins. Life goes on. All the cliches and the irony, etc. That HAS to make Marl emote.
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