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I really liked today's show, for the first time in ages The Quad was pretty good, finally Paul had some fire back, Meg was still boring as always though :sleep: . Loved everything Luke today, from the talk with Faith, Telling Holden that he was a jerk, and his scenes with Lily. I think today was the first time since Noah came on that Luke was without him on a show. I am really getting into Dusty and Lily, there chemistry is very good.

Previews looked very good, minus Sofie that is. I agree Emily looked fantastic, and the Nuke scene looked so touching.

As for Monday's show that was also pretty good, it was nicely balanced, and I liked that the mentioned that they had mentions of Luke coming home even though he did not that day. It is things like that, that have been missing lately from the show, details of upcoming things instead of just skipping ahead to it like they have been doing.

I really wish they would go into more detail about what happened to Luke that is really bothering me.
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