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Oct 23 2007, 11:32 PM
Oct 23 2007, 04:31 PM
Those cyborg babies Sami pushed out scared me. :o  They reminded me of this horror movie I saw when I was a kid. I do not recall the movie's title, but it was about women giving birth to scary rubbery demon babies, who fly out of their mothers at warp speed and then go on killing sprees almost as soon as they are sprung.

Those rubber babies Sami pushed out scared the shit out of me too, and they looked horrid. I'm with Nixsoaps in liking the blankets more than those freaking looking things they called the "twins", I thought some weird tongue thing was going to come out of the boys mouth and start chomping on Sami's head or something............ :hide:

Oh those "babies" freaked me out. :o They were creepy.

The EJ comment about his sense of humor leaving the building was funny. :lol: One thing I like about HS's writing style is he gives these quick one liners that just have me laughing. Usually they are written for Bo who pulls them off so well.

Not giving Belle a pass what so ever for what happened (and is going to) but Philip totally played her like a fiddle and she completely fell for it. If he really loved her, he would have told he that and would want her to end things with Shawn first. At least he even finally called her out on her feelings for Shawn when they were married. He doesn't respect her at all. Philip only cares about what he wants and doesn't give a hoot who gets hurt. I actually think he would be okay if Belle was running around having an affair with Shawn as long as she was married to him. He was WAAAAAY too sneaky and slimey during all of that. Just not love to me, more like obsession and wanting to win.

Again not giving Belle a pass. I would thought the daughter of John Black would be strong and determined in what she wanted but it is never good enough for her. I guess she is more like her mother than her father.

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