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I just saw the show and thank god for the Shawn/Belle/Phillip triangle. I think I will really enjoy the story. Itīs really a soap classic and MM and JKJ are playing this forbidden passion thing so well. And the pace is wonderfull. I still canīt believe we had the sex, Shawn/Phillip getting into fight and Hope discovering Belle all in the same episode. I know many people here is still fond of Reilly, but that man would probably had Shawn almost entering the bedroom as a friday cliffhanger. Scott is not even using it as an end of act.

Btw. Belle said it has never happen again, so there is no doubt another session is already in the works. I think the promised November wedding is Belle and Shawnīs, because Belle will want to rush the wedding so the temptation isnīt there anymore (of course, she needs to aks her mum if marriage is the best cure for lust) but even as Mrs. Brady she will still eventually ends in bed with Phillip again. Their affair is obviously far from over and Iīm interested how will Chloe fit into it. Itīs almost impossible to admit because I still remember when we called Shele and Phelle teens and wanted them off the show, but this is quickly becoming my favorite storyline of the show.

Now, Lumi and twins are nice but honestly this story is on so much that I really donīt care anymore. This is my biggest trouble with the show at the moment, because Iīm actually enjoying everything lately, even the sorority storyline, except this Lumi vs. EJ thing. But all this people threating to EJ has to lead to something, so I think we will get a break from him soon. I donīt think EJ will be really murdered and send off the show, but I do think he will go in the steps of his father and disappear for some time.
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