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I agree that this trist between Philip and Belle is hardly over. She said it will never happen again, it most certainly will. She said it was just sex, and as I do believe her I think there was a lot more to it. Does she love him like Philip said, yes she does. But how she loves him may be another story. Seems as if it is being written that Belle was completely heart broken when Philip left. She is right, he did just walk away, but she didn't try to stop him either. She had the chance at the airport, but she didn't take it. Now the girl is so conflicted.

I don't care who is the father of cyborgbabiesroberts and I so wish this was going somewhere intresting. However, it is the same recycled crap over and over.

I did enjoy Marlena slapping EJ. Very entertaining. Hopefully this Marlena is here to stay. This is how I remember her.

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