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Good show.

What is the big deal about the babies? At least the show made an effort to be realistic. When blankets were used, people complained. Now, they complain when the show makes an effort at realism. They were freaky looking but weren't that bad.

Ali played the labor scenes well and Bryan did as well. I thought it was quite emotional and loved Marlena delivering them. There was realism in these scenes that I enjoyed. EJ and Kate coming in felt off, especially the end when the show basically ended on Kate taking to Lucas. I hate endings that basically happen in the middle of discussions. I guess the editing was still off from the overlap last week.

EJ being handcuffed was funny. Good seeing Abe and loved him and Bo joking around with EJ. Good one liners there with them two and, later, Kate. Glad to see John's hit and run investigation still being focused on.

I enjoyed the Shawn/Belle/Philip scenes. This triangle has made a turn for the better again and is developing into a good B story. Phelle were HOT and I do like the use of the Santeen theme. It's a good emotional, couple theme. That last scene may have been similar to Santeen but I don't think it was recycled. Hell, at least it's about two characters people give a damn about and that are relevant to present times.

Good show.
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