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After all... tomorrow is another day!

It is great, isn't it Mason? I miss the Marlena who battled Kristen.

And it's a shame we haven't been allowed to see her for quite some time, especially when they so easily could have had a similar dynamic if they had allowed Marlena and Kate to become rivals more. I mean they both had relationships with John and Roman and Kate had done so many awful things to Marlena's family that she certainly would have had cause to haul off on her.

Because I'm sorry, but a few Marlena slaps to Kate here and there or the two of them wrestling around would be so much more satisfying than Kate getting disowned by Lucas for the kajillionth time or having Lucas humiliate her with cake in the face or a fire extinguisher spray.

Even though I adore EJ, I didn't mind this slap from Marlena at all, even if the EJ hatred on the part of her and the rest of the Bradys is really months overdue and sort of out of order when she didn't react to him this much before. But in this case it's OK because it's Marlena and after last week Marlena can do pretty much whatever the hell she wants (as can Belle) and I'll give her a thumbs up. Plus, while soap suckerpunches I can't abide, diva soap slaps? Hell yes! Bring them on.

Not crazy about the death threats to EJ because he is still my boy, but I love how they gave the lab tech overhearing Lucas's threats BRIGHT YELLOW HAIR as if to emphasize even more than they already were by interspersing footage of them between their argument like... hey... these people are witnesses to Lucas threatening to kill EJ. LOOK AT THEM. YOU WILL LOOK AT THEM! I just wonder if this is going to wind up with EJ getting shot or someone else getting in the crossfire of a bullet aimed for EJ or EJ will use all these threats as an attempt to frame someone. Hmmm. I'm guessing Nov. sweeps will tell us.

As for the Phelle sex... hotter than the Shelle sex. Most definitely. But as glad as I am to see Shelle busted up and Shawn get cuckolded, another part of me doesn't want Phillip tied down to Belle permanently either because I think Phillip deserves better than Shawn's sloppy seconds and since last week made me actually LIKE Belle for the first time in forever I'd really LOVE to see this girl stand on her own independently and develop a personality and life as well as career that has nothing to do with her girlish love for Shawn or her womanly lust for Phillip. Hopefully Chloe coming back and giving Belle a female friend and Phillip a new love interest can help with these things. I guess we'll see.

My biggest fear is we'll wind up with Sami's womb having tag teamed Belle's by giving birth the same time Belle is getting it on with Phillip and Belle will marry Shawn but be pregnant with Phillip's kid. I hope this suspicion is wrong because this show has more than enough babies right now and the Shellip triangle has had more than enough baby angst to last a very long while.
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