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After all... tomorrow is another day!

The story of the Three Prisms climaxed at the ice show. Stefano, after having an earth-shattering argument with Tony in which they aired out their dirty laundry, sent his agent Sonia to retrieve the Prism from Hope. The Prism, which was accidentally sewn into her costume, was growing more volatile by the minute. Hope went out on the ice to keep the Prism away from Sonia. In the end, she was able to get the Prism and made her way to the rafters above the stage, where Stefano awaited. Their getaway helicopter was waiting on the roof of the Civic Center. As they made their way across the catwalk, Marlena showed up brandishing a gun. Marlena, whose children Sami and Eric had recently been kidnapped by Stefano (Bo saved them), had had enough. She was ready to kill Stefano for all the grief he had caused her and her family. Stefano never thought for a moment that Marlena would shoot him; he was wrong. As he stepped closer to her planning to take her with him, she fired the gun, shooting him in the chest. The shot caused Stefano to drop the Prism, which fell on some oily rags and began a raging fire. Stefano then lost his balance and fell into the inferno below.

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